Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I have several cords of small diameter hardwood firewood available. This stuff has been cut to pole length, piled, and seasoned for at least 12 months. It consists mostly of unsplit maple, sourwood, dogwood, and blackgum. These hardwoods will heat at 19-21 MBTU per cord (about 80% of the 24-26 MBTU output from good locust and oak.) This pole length stuff can be picked up as is, I can deliver as is, or cut to stove length and deliver.

I have some seperate stacks of stove length firewood sawn from hardwood slabs, including cherry, walnut, maple and oak.

I also produce some outstanding kindling.

All deliveries will be approx. 2 cords (a 12 foot dump bed 3 ft. deep)

Call for pricing.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Stack of sawn yellow pine under one of my "gable" lumber covers. 1" x 10" boards, 3" battens for siding, and some 6/4 x 6"s.

Yellow pine logs stacked and waiting to be sawn at smokey holler sawmill site. Unpainted logs in background are bound for Weyerhauser to be made into fiberboard.